Hidden Gluten

Ahh, hidden gluten. An annoying reality and a painful one at that.  I've dedicated this page to brainstorm some possibility whereabouts. [I have no official sources for this list. This list comes mainly from my short three year experience with Celiac Disease and gluten. My daughter's symptoms are triggered very easily, so read this list and learn what you can and discard what you don't need. But I do hope something will help. :) ] Feel free to brainstorm with me! Leave a comment below if you wish.

**Food Labels: Natural Flavorings, Artificial Flavorings, Colorings, Malt (Barley)

**Anything made with oats or oat flour unless the oats were processed in a gluten free facility. (Yes, there is some debate about oats and the cross contamination, use your own discretion.)

**Kissing a mouth that just ate gluten

**Someone else's chapstick, lipstick, etc

**Airborne gluten flour. Yes, even breathing in gluten can pose hazards to your health. So beware of pizza joints. And think twice about "gluten free" pizza made and cooked in a regular pizza place.

**At our house we use a washrag dedicated for wiping off mouths and hands. I change this washrag everyday. But even that was not enough from what we found. Now Rachel (our daughter with Celiac Disease) has her own washrag. White is her color and green is for everybody else.

**How about toothpaste? Even after two and a half years of trying to eliminate all gluten from Rachel's diet, she was still getting tummy aches. Well after some prayer and thought, God showed me: toothpaste. Not necessarily the toothpaste itself (yes, there are some toothpastes which contain gluten ingredients). But I'm thinking more about the "brushing teeth" process. A gluten mouth with a gluten filled toothbrush scraping along the top of a tube of toothpaste now gives me a shiver on behalf of my daughter. Now she has her own toothpaste and cup on the opposite side of the sink.

**Use a separate toaster for gluten free toast.

**Have a separate jelly jar, peanut butter jar, butter, anything that you stick a knife in with bread crumbs stuck to it. Or else never, ever double dip!

**Wash hands alot. My four year old puts her hands in her mouth frequently. She will get tummy aches and become irritable if she touches something with gluten on it and then puts her fingers in her mouth.

**Check the ingredients of: Shampoos, lotions, chapstick, make-up, lipstick, medicines, prescriptions

**Wheat flour can be used in: Glue, play-dough, finger paint, dry wall, the glue in plywood

**Both my husband and I wash our hands before dealing with anything gluten free. If we've touched our gluten sandwich and then need to get a glass of water for Rachel, we wash our hands first.

**Have a separate GF prep area in the kitchen if possible.

**Even if the food package claims it is Gluten Free, continue to use caution. The US government still has not passed clear guidelines for 100% gluten free food.  Especially beware of "made in a facility that also processes wheat..."

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